A bit about me the sole worker.  I joined The GPO in 1965 and realised straight away that this was the job for me.  I served an apprenticeship, became a linesman and soon got promoted to Technical Officer.  I was fortunate to have a vast array of interesting jobs within The Company and saw the greatest changes in telecommunication history.  I started in Poole putting dials on manual telephones to enable the exchange to go automatic and replace all those lovely ladies on the switchboard. I finished in 2002 working on the latest technology-Broadband and fibre optics.  Thirty seven years of heaven working for a good company and meeting hundreds of lovely people, both public and staff.

The period of Special Faults Duties in the late 80's was perhaps the best of my career.  This involved dealing with difficult faults and written complaints from customers, particularly ones from The Chairman's office.  The one reward of this job was that I did not leave the customer until the problem was resolved, something I hope I have carried into my own Business.  I pride myself on doing my best at a reasonable price, making the customer happy and giving a guarantee on my work.

I took early retirement from BT in 2002 as I feared that major proposed changes within BT would affect my pension and the enjoyment of a job that I loved. I thought that BT would fold within a week of me going, but I was wrong. Leaving was the correct decision for me, I have never been happier and have enjoyed working directly with all of my customers with very few exceptions.  People enjoy the fact that they have their own telephone engineer on tap and hopefully get some good independent advice.  I am always happy and try to make the job as enjoyable as possible.

I am very fortunate that I have a family that have supported me throughout and encouraged me to make some big changes to my life.

Wave105's Tradesperson of the year 2009